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Wide range of Harbor Breeze ceiling fans and Casablanca fans

Ceiling fans
As traditional American interior accessories, Ceiling fans are still present in a large number of American homes, offices, stores, clubs, porches, etc.

These mechanical fans, used to circulate the air, were first invented and introduced to the US households and public buildings in the 1860’s.  The first ones were powered by running water, and two decades later were modernized to utilize electricity.  Their slowly rotating paddles are used to help move the air in the entire room or under the fan, without actually cooling the air.

Originally made with only two blades, gradually ceiling fans began to be produced with 4 blades, which improved the air circulation and actually made them quieter as well.
Today, ceiling fans are still in use and remain quite popular in the US and in various Asian warm countries.  Sometimes used to complement the air conditioning in the premise and in other cases used as an energy saving and less expensive alternative, ceiling fans come in various sizes, forms and designs.

The Great depression and the following couple of decades led to a lowered demand for ceiling fans, until in the 1960’s Asian producers of ceiling fans entered the American market and restored their popularity as cheaper alternatives to air conditioning.  The success of the Far East ceiling fans led to an awakening of the US fan producers once again in the 1970’s. With the years though as the air conditioning units became much more affordable to the general public, the ceiling fans once more lost their previous popularity and were less popular in the 1990s in the US.

Nevertheless, even today ceiling fans remain a popular household and public building item.  There are various producers, types, sizes and shapes of these air circulating devices available today.

Some of the best known producers and brands include:

Hunter ceiling fans – Hunter Fan Co. were the actual inventors of the manufactured ceiling fan, and first began producing them as early as 1906.  Today, they are still produced and are better known as the “classic original” ceiling fans.

Harbor Breeze ceiling fans - this is undoubtedly one of the best recognized and preferred brands of ceiling fans in the US.  The Harbor Breeze fans are commonly offered as  part of  the do it yourself home improvement production line offered by Lowe’s.   With an easy assembly and installation, and a high efficiency and aesthetic value, these ceiling fans are preferred by many.

Craftmade ceiling fans – a producer of lighting products and ceiling fans with an experience of over two decades, Craftmade has a very solid reputation.  Durable, produced from high quality materials and with original designs, their products are still among the top in the ceiling fan production industry.
 Minka Aire ceiling fans - considered by many as the current leaders in style combined with a medium, affordable price in the ceiling fan market.

Concord ceiling fans – for more than two decades, Concord has been the manufacturer of high quality ceiling fans and lighting products and accessories, with models in traditional and modern styles.

Kichler Lighting ceiling fans – Kichler was established back in 1938 and has been a producer of unique lighting products and ceiling fans since.  A variety of different models of indoor and outdoor ceiling fans of all sizes and materials are being offered by this producer.  Currently, they are predominantly energy saving with unique designs.

Emerson ceiling fans – this traditional ceiling fan producer has being around for more than a hundred years.  Their motto is “moving air with style”.  Emerson offer hand crafted, high quality and durable ceiling fans which will appeal to any taste.

Ellington ceiling fans - more than 3 decades in the business, Ellington is stil one of the leading producers of ceiling fans in the US.  Their unique designs and high quality products continue to amaze. Today, they are part of the “Craftmade” group.
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